Gargoyle Hummer Limousine Hire..

While many of us would never like to actually travel to the US and come face to face with the clich's of Americans and their culture, we do often enjoy the a lot of things from the US.

The Gargoyle Hummer is the latest acquisition of American culture here in the UK and we are once again blown away by the boldness, brashness and overall shock value of this newest stretch Hummer.

We often hire limousines to make a lasting first impression or to show off on a big night out. The Gargoyle Hummer is the ultimate show off and with a price tag of $200,000 or 106,000, most of us will only be able to show off in the Gargoyle when we hire it out - definitely not an everyday car.

While fuel prices continue to rise, the Gargoyle, because of its size and power, guzzles at a rate of 7mpg making you glad the limo hire company is picking up the fuel tab.

The Gargoyle Hummer now lives in Brighton, but is available across the UK through Limo Hire London. So if you are disappointed with the showmanship of the current limos cruising around, contact us now to ensure you are one of the first to ride in this one of a kind beast of a limo.

For those with an obsession for anything American, you will be pleased to know that the Gargoyle was custom built in California. The man giving the directions, Neville Ball, was inspired after a trip to Las Vegas, the city where everything is shinier, bigger and more in-your-face than anywhere else in the world.

Another feature unique to the Gargoyle Hummer is the gull-wing doors which lift up to entice you into the medieval interior of this funky party bus.

The Gargoyle Hummer is also registered as a bus and so is licensed to carry 16 passengers on a big night out.

So to make a lasting impression, hire the only Gargoyle Hummer in the world from Hire Limos London now.